Sustainability at GEON

Our Commitment to People, Customers, Communities and Planet

At GEON our view is simple: we can’t succeed as a business without a healthy planet and the trust and engagement of our 
employees, customers and suppliers. Our sustainability strategy ensures accountability for our operations and expands beyond our footprint to consider the different roles that we play to positively impact our industry and the communities in which we live and work.

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In 2020, we developed a set of actionable, outcome-driven sustainability goals to evolve our business and maximize our positive impact, based on three focus areas:

  1. Optimize and advance operational excellence
  2. Shape thriving communities
  3. Collaborate and innovate across our value chain

> Download The 2022 Sustainability Report

Our Approach to Sustainability and the Targets by Which We Are Measured, Have Been Embedded in Our Plan.

Our goals are designed to integrate sustainability into our business and decision-making processes.

Skilled and Engaged Workforce

Sustainability Goal: A thriving culture built on trust

>65% Great Places to Work (GPTW) Survey Employee Engagement Index by 2022
Certified GPTW by 2022
60% of our people participate in a flagship talent program by 2025


64% GPTW Survey Employee 
Engagement Index
26% of our people participated in flagship talent program

Diversity & Inclusion

Sustainability Goal: A skilled and inclusive workforce

50% of college hires are U.S. minority and/or female
30% of leaders are U.S. minority and/or female


50% of college hires are minority and/or female
29% of leaders are minority and/or female


Sustainability Goal: A caring GEON nation taking action in our communities

100% of associates have the opportunity to get involved and take impactful actions in our community by 2025


THRIVE teams completed volunteer events at 100% of sites

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"By using more renewable resources and recycled materials that meet or exceed manufacturers’ stringent standards, GEON can maximize the value it provides to customers and society, while helping our customers advance their sustainability goals.”

-Jean-Francois Morizur, Vice President of Technology

Optimize and Advance Operational Excellence


Sustainability Goal

Reduce solid waste by 15% by 2025.
In 2022 waste intensity improved to 3.41 per 1000 pounds of product, compared to 3.45 in 2021.

Collaborate and Innovate Across the Value Chain

Circular Economy Sustainability Goal:

Collaborate with value chain to develop solutions.

Identify and pilot one closed-loop ecosystem with customers and/or suppliers by 2025

Product Innovation Sustainability Goal:

Innovate alongside customers to meet mutual goals.

Increase post-consumer and post-industrial recycled products in our portfolio by 2025

R&D focus on developing industry-leading products containing recycled materials by 2025

Industry Collaboration Sustainability Goal:

Participate in an industry alliance aimed at advancing circular solutions.

Select alliance by 2021

Successfully commercialized and produced >9MM pounds of a closed-loop product for a customer using recycled materials from its manufacturing process
Developed a new range of natural fiber based compounded formulations for automotive applications. These new developments enable GEON to further expand its sustainable portfolio, combining recycled and natural-based content.
Defined GEON’s network to boost external collaboration, focusing on select trade organizations, industry conferences, university 
engagement, and regulatory agencies and standards

Participated in SPE’s Vinyltec 2022: Charting a Course for a Sustainable Future

Named as +Vantage Vinyl-Verified Company by the Vinyl Sustainability Council for third year

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"By getting close to our customers and understanding what’s important and what initiatives are underway, we can work with them to help meet their sustainability goals, whether it is reducing carbon, increasing recycled content or saving resources.”

Wendy Herbst, Chief Commercial Officer

Reporting and Resources

This is just the start of our journey to advance progress against our sustainability goals. We want to be as transparent as possible about our progress and learnings. As we work, we’ll continue to share our results with you each year.

Download 2022 Sustainability Report

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