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Electrical & Electronic Solutions Designed for Production

As electrical and electronics manufacturers, we know that flame performance and UL rated materials, optimized to manage heat or EMI/RFI, are top-of-mind. 

The GEON portfolio of solutions, coupled with our design and processing experience, will help you gain the attention your electronic products deserve.

Market Needs and Applications

electrical management

Specialty polymer solutions from GEON help you design functional power management devices. Meet relevant UL and industry standards and support your goals for sustainability, safety and dependability.

Our Materials and Services for Electrical and Electronic Applications Make the Difference

With our design and processing experience, our team can help product designers and engineers leap hurdles with creative solutions:

plastic components


using micrometer to measure thickness

Weight reduction

electrical panels and boxes

Heat Management

electrical housing

Durability & Strength

electrical housing box

Product Rigidity

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Attractive options

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