Materials for Heavy Truck, Aerospace, Marine & Rail

With strict regulations and safety guidelines you need components designed to meet the standard. Whether you’re working on heavy trucks, high-speed rail or aerospace, our materials and expertise can meet challenges and overcome obstacles. Explore how GEON PVC, RESILIENCE PP and TPOs can be the right solution for many transportation applications.

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Heavy Truck Interior

Lightweight, durable materials built for safety and comfort - for the long haul. Candidate applications include sleeper cabinets, instrument panels, bumper fascia, walls, liners and aerodynamic components.


Spotlight on Material Requirements for Heavy Duty Trucks

As a manufacturer of heavy truck components, the quest for improved product quality and performance is never-ending. GEON materials and services can help you improve properties, learn how:



Redesign so you're not using as much material while still meeting the specification or requirements

High Impact

Low temperature ductility PP and TPOs


For better fuel efficiency and handling


Color Matching

For interior applications

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