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Materials for Automotive Interior, Exterior and Underhood—We’ve Got You Covered.

Materials and Design Engineers at both OEMs and Tiers trust GEON to supply materials that meet product specifications for global regulatory needs. For the successful design and manufacture of vehicle components that enhance quality and performance, you need a supplier that understands your goals, not just for today, but for the future.

With GEON, you’ll find our manufacturing footprint, throughout North America, and close to the molder base, is a distinct competitive advantage to our customers in cost reduction and risk mitigation.

Explore Applications

An established automotive supplier with widely used and accepted compounds - tour candidate materials for interior, exterior and underhood applications.

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  • Instrument Panel Retainers - sub-structure for the IP where high material strength and stiffness is needed
  • Floor Console Retainers - sub-structure requiring strength, stiffness and dimensional accuracy
  • Load Floors (Flipper Panel)/Seat Backs - provides structural component when reconfigured in vehicle
  • Interior Panels and Storage Compartments - Best-in-Class Scratch and Mar TPO with Enhanced Impact Resistance

Materials you can Trust to Deliver on Performance Requirements

Select the materials that deliver the most value to your operation, ensuring everything runs smoothly during the manufacturing process. Maximize the potential of your parts with technical and design support.


Superior Rheology

High Melt Flow Rate (MFR) - Material flows better and the tool can fill the cavity easier, resulting in faster cycle times and dimensional performance

High Stiffness

Above 2700 MPA (Megapascal) flex modulus for load-bearing parts such as instrument panels

High Ductility

Energy management grades provide cold temperature ductility for interior applications

Thermal Management

High Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) performance for underhood applications, providing durability and thermal stability


Ease of Color

Natural base colors that are easily mixed with color concentrate saving on time, money, scrap and offers material management options


Thinner, stronger materials that use lower density, or lower specific gravity materials with added talc or fiberglass

High Strength

High strength materials for impact sensitive applications

Green Materials

Range of functional black parts with recycled PP bringing RC to the vehicle, help meet sustainability targets


Customer Satisfaction

Hard plastic parts - scratch and mar resistance for interior applications, providing long term ownership satisfaction

Uniquely Positioned to Serve the Automotive Industry from Cradle-to-Grave

GEON is with you, every step of the way through your material selection and part design journey. With advanced R&D and product formulations, our application development engineering team often provides process support to customers.

Our customers have access to dedicated resources. Our auto subject matter experts have collective decades of experience in the auto industry. You can rest assured that you’ll be partnered with the specialists that drive towards solutions, not generalists you have to catch up to speed.

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Product Development

  • Provide OEM or Tier specification approval submission support
  • Develop materials to market needs or customer requirements
  • Lab samples upon request
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Part Design

  • Provide application, product design support
  • Consultation on mold design ensuring quality parts
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Optimal Process

  • On-site technical engineering support available
  • Production startup and process optimization
  • Ongoing manufacturing problem resolution
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Sustainability Through Innovation – Turning Recycled Plastics into Cars

Post-industrial recycled (PIR) and post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials are being rapidly adopted to make new car parts in vehicles.

When approving a resin, you require a consistent, quality supply. GEON has a variety of products containing reclaimed materials and a long history with PCR and PIR content, going back over two decades.

There are Many Innovative Ways to Meet Your Sustainability Goals


Reprocessed materials available with up to 30% Recycled Content

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