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PVC Alloy

GEON Plus PVC alloys combine performance and appeal in formulations designed for superior weathering and color hold, even in the deepest shades. Using cool pigment technology for low heat absorption, GEON PVC alloy materials can be tailor-made for dark color capstock, profiles and sheet used in windows, doors, fencing, railings and decking. PVC alloys are ideal for higher use temperature, flame retardance and chemical resistance.

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Customizable attributes include

  • Superior outdoor performance with excellent color hold, even in the darkest shades
  • Cool pigment technology to lower solar heat build-up and keep surfaces up to 30% cooler
  • Outperforms ASA and PMMA in industry scratch resistance testing
  • Base grade for solid profile or capstock extrusion
  • Customizable Premium Grades for profile extrusion
  • Premium grade for capstock extrusion


Lower solar heat build-up keeping surfaces up to 30% cooler


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