Solutions for Wire & Cable That Go Beyond Standard

We understand your customers count on the wire and cable you produce to carry the power and data the world depends on. With a broad portfolio of UL and CSA approved PVC products, you can consistently and reliably meet the most stringent industry standards for telecommunications, industrial and specialty, power and energy and building and construction.

GEON PVC compounds are used in almost every possible jacketing and primary insulation application including fiber optic and PoE cables, factory automation cables, power and control cables and building wire.

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One-Stop-Shop for Wire & Cable Market Applications

Our materials are specially formulated for high- and low-temperature environments, fire-resistance and weatherability.

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PVC Compounds to meet the explosive demand of high-speed data transmission of fiber optic cables with reduction of attenuation. Products are formulated with high-temp capability and can help obtain special indoor/outdoor interface designation. Wide band of regulatory compliance including: UL444, UL910, FT6, UL1666, FT1, FT4, and UL1581.

Communications applications include:

  • Optical Fiber
  • Category Cables (Plenum, Riser)
  • CATV

All with enhanced material characteristics of processing speed, flexibility and durability.

Deliver Significant Competitive Advantage to your Business and Customers

GEON has many off-the-shelf jacketing and insulation products at a competitive price. And where custom formulations are required? We have the technical expertise to help develop innovative solutions for your latest applications.

exposed wires

Cables for Harsh Environments

Formulated durable and tough

white polymer granulates

Custom Formulations

Innovative, new solutions engineered to meet your needs

plenum riser fire resistant

Fire-Resistant Cables

To prevent spread of fire, smoke and toxic gas

Bio-based field

Non-phthalate or Bio-based Polymers

Sustainable products to meet the needs of industry and customers

gloved hand holding black polymer granulates

Faster Processing

Compounds optimized for processing efficiency and throughput with minimal downtime and reduced scrap

wire wrapped spools

Anti-Counterfeit Chemistries

Deter, detect and control counterfeiting activities

multicolor polymer granulates

Specialized Colors

Limitless possibilities to meet your customer’s customization

mining cable

Flexible & Rigid Cables

Whatever hardness your design requires, we have a solution

Wire & Cable Services

Power the future with customized wire and cable solutions designed to meet the unique performance requirements for today and tomorrow. GEON has the technical expertise, market knowledge and application experience to help tackle your toughest challenges.

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Regulatory Assistance

Leverage our deep experience navigating regulatory agencies to meet standards and help achieve approvals.

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Design and Processing Support

Use our technical experience to your advantage. We can provide the extra bench strength for specialized applications. Our team can help vet compounds or processes that advance your business.

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Testing and Analytical Services

Full range of physical and mechanical testing with chemical and compositional analysis in our accredited laboratories.

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