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Innovate with Polypropylene (PP) and Thermoplastic Polyolefin Elastomer (TPO) Materials

Whether your market application is auto underhood, door sweepers, profiles on window inserts, or components in large appliances, GEON® RESILIENCE® PP and RESILIENCE® TPO are designed to meet stringent applications.

Through collaboration with our customers, we have developed unique solutions that foster product differentiation and enable speed to market. Our skilled technical teams bridge the gap between material sciences and application engineering to include tool design and efficient processing techniques.

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Robust, Targeted and Optimized New Product Introductions

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Access proven application development for PP, TPOs and other engineered polymeric systems. Partnering with our industry trained professionals, you’ll experience an efficient product development cycle with innovative compounds.

  • Meet regulatory guidelines and reduce complexity with preapproved portfolio for specific applications
  • Design for manufacturability from conceptualization to actualization, quick turnaround programs to speed product development cycle and reduce iterations
  • Add unique features including extended performance to minimize risk and emphasize product differentiation
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Choose RESILIENCE to Meet your Specific PP and TPO Materials Requirements

Custom compounds in natural, black or pre-colored that can be injection molded, blow molded or extruded. Whether it’s high strength, high impact, UV stabilized or scratch and mar resistance - RESILIENCE delivers the performance you need.

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Lighter and stronger materials

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Lots of colors for design freedom

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Customized Products

Tailored to meet your needs

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Agency Approvals

Long-term technical relationships with UL and NSF

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Talc, Glass, Calcium Carbonate, Mica - different filler levels, high RTI ratings

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Custom Compounder

Broad industry experience and knowledge transfer

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All plants ISO 9000 certified

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Automotive certified plants

Our PP Compounds Help to Drive These Essential Industries

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