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Rigid PVC Compounds

Rigid PVC compounds from GEON deliver an attractive performance-to-cost ratio. Our large product portfolio offers a number of specialized properties to meet specific applications. For instance, data and power component manufacturers have found success by replacing over-engineered material solutions and traditional metal with rigid vinyl. GEON Rigid PVC compounds are UL and NSF listed.

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Rigid PVC for both Injection Molding and Extrusion Have Many Benefits

  • Exterior grades are formulated for years of outdoor weathering
  • Interior grades deliver flame, chemical and interior UV resistance
  • Transparent grades offer clarity with flame and chemical resistance
  • Material that holds up to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals
  • Eliminate secondary operations such as painting with pre-colored formulations
  • Avoid flame retardant (FR) additives with vinyl’s inherent flame retardance
  • Cost-effective alternative to specialty polymers
  • Support sustainability goals with recyclability 
  • Achieve metallic look without paint that stands up to wear and tear
  • Superior disinfectant resistance to better withstand healthcare environments


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