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Compounds Designed with Production Efficiencies You Need & the Performance Your Customers Want

GEON Rigid PVC compounds meet AAMA, NSF and UL standards all while balancing processing, cost and performance. Our customers in Building & Construction can process at higher rates and longer run times with industry leading, premium grades for any manufacturing approach from extrusion to molding. For increased strength, enhanced heat deflection and low-shrink, choose GEON composites and CPVC solutions.

Total Solutions for Building & Construction Brand Owners, Molders and Extruders

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  • Range of weatherable profile and Capstock colors with excellent processing
  • PVC and Alloys formulations provide superior outdoor performance with excellent color hold
  • Compounds are enhanced with cool pigment technology to lower solar heat build-up and keep surfaces cooler

Production Capabilities that Enable You to Extend Your Offerings to Customers

PVC’s superiority and GEON’s mold design expertise help OEMs differentiate their products with appealing aesthetics and incredible performance.

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Pipes and Fittings

Are you ready to design the tooling for your new fitting? Let us support you right from the start. Whether it’s specialty fittings for transparent or UV resistant grades, or gaining NSF approvals for water applications. Our mold flow analysis and technical service can help avoid several rounds of troubleshooting for tool design.

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Fence, Deck and Rail

When high performance weatherability, UV and flame resistance are required, GEON Rigid PVC will deliver the strength your customer’s demand. Installers of your products will appreciate lightweight systems and superior performance for screw and nail retention.

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Our tool design support will help you to commercialize electrical fittings that are optimized for performance and meet UL standards for smoke and flame ratings. Leverage our experience with UL to ensure your products are the top performing in the market.

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Windows and Doors

When designing for the customer that has energy efficiency top of mind, look no further than inherently efficient PVC compounds that can meet AAMA specifications. Your windows and doors must stand up to the outdoor/indoor interface from a range of efficient to premium grades in the product form you need.

gutter guard

Exterior – Gutter Guards, Roofing and Trim

We understand weatherability is paramount in siding, roofing, trim and gutters. That’s why GEON Rigid and Flexible PVC, CPVC and composites are formulated to withstand wide temperature ranges with color stability that holds up to seasons and elements.

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