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GEON® Plus - Chlorinated Polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and PVC Alloys

CPVC and PVC Alloys meet a variety of performance and regulatory requirements

GEON Plus - CPVC combines key vinyl properties, such as inherent flame and chemical resistance, with elevated temperature performance and low smoke generation, creating an effective engineering solution for many industrial applications.

Specially formulated for capstock, profiles and sheet used for outdoor building products, GEON Plus PVC Alloys provide superior weathering performance with excellent color hold, even in the darkest shades. Higher heat rigid vinyl alloys exhibit engineering-grade performance in a broad array of molding and extrusion applications.

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GEON® Plus - Chlorinated Polyvinyl chloride (CPVC)

From traditional hot water pipe and fittings to window and door applications, GEON Plus CPVC meets a variety of performance and regulatory requirements. These CPVC compound formulations can be an effective replacement for some higher cost engineered polymers or metal.

High heat distortion temperatures up to 230°F (110°C)

Meets stringent flame and smoke standards

Excellent chemical resistance

Excellent corrosion resistance as option to metal

Supports higher heat build-up from black and dark bronze colored capstock

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GEON® Plus PVC Alloys

GEON Plus alloys extend the performance advantages of rigid vinyl materials over an elevated temperature range, making them the cost-effective alternative to plastics such as FR ABS, modified PPO, polycarbonate and PC/ABS blends. PVC Alloys can help meet growing market demand for appealing darker colors that have the look of expertly stained wood or painted metal.

  • Extends heat distortion temperature above standard rigid vinyl formulations
  • Grades available with excellent low temperature impact performance
  • Maintains key vinyl attributes of flame, chemical and UV resistance
  • Injection molding and extrusion grades available
  • Appealing dark colors in high-gloss, satin and matte finishes to resemble stained wood or painted metal
  • Low consumer maintenance required
  • Long-term color hold performance as demonstrated by outdoor weathering data in varied climates and environments
  • Formulated with cool pigment technology to lower solar heat buildup and keep surfaces up to 30% cooler to the touch
  • Grades with higher heat distortion temperatures for use in warmer climates
  • Flexible design options with grades that can be extruded as capstock over substrate, solid profile, or sheet

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