Choose GEON for Polymer Compounding and Process Technology

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Choose GEON for Polymer Compounding and Process Technology

There are many reasons our customers choose GEON everyday. We are committed to the polymer industry and markets we serve. Customers access technical services including testing, analysis, new product development and consultation. Our plants throughout North America and in China help customers meet challenges and reach their goals. We are your solution for PVC and PP compounds - learn why.



Reliable, collaborative and essential to our customers - we are GEON Performance Solutions, experts in performance polymer compounding and process technology. The GEON brand name is a long-standing industry leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of custom polymer solutions. Yes, GEON’s vinyl history dates back nearly 100 years, but our capabilities extend much further than PVC. We use the same technical know-how to create new brands of performance materials like our latest polyolefins brand, RESILIENCE. Our experts are diligently working on technologies that drive the future of our industry and the strategic markets we serve.

At the heart of GEON’s ability to deliver great value, is our commitment to the highest standards in manufacturing, quality and supply chain reliability. GEON is dedicated to collaborating and innovating across the value chain for a sustainable future. Whether it’s participating in the circular economy to identify and execute on closed loop opportunities, or formulating new compounds with minimum standards of recycled content to ensure our customers meet their sustainability goals, our dedication to ESG goes far beyond the critical enhancements we’ve made to improve the efficiency of our own operation.

When it comes to our talented teams, you’ll find deep industry expertise among technical, commercial and customer experience staff. GEON customers may access a full array of technical services including new product development, analysis and testing in our accredited laboratories and partnership with our PhD engineers that have decades of experience to support any processing need.

We know you must meet stringent cost control targets and aggressive lead times and our eleven manufacturing sites, strategically located throughout North America and in China, can help get you there. With redundancy built into our network, GEON’s manufacturing footprint is our customer’s competitive advantage in cost reduction and risk mitigation.

With a deep understanding of market dynamics and end-use applications, there are many reasons our customers choose GEON every day. Let us demonstrate why we should be your first and best choice for performance polymer compounding and process technology - choose GEON today.

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