Closed-Loop System Improves Environmental Impact and Efficiency for PVC Manufacturers

GEON® Helps Building and Construction PVC Manufacturer Reuse Production Scrap More Effectively

Closed-Loop System Improves Environmental Impact and Efficiency for PVC Manufacturers


A major international manufacturer of PVC components for plumbing, waterworks, and HVAC systems needed to find a way to improve its process for reusing production scrap.

Waste material was being shipped to a recycler, where it was ground up and repurposed for a variety of uses, much of it not fit for the manufacturer’s feedstock supply.

In addition to issues of feedstock quality and supply reliability, the existing system created logistics inefficiencies. Trucks were deployed on a one-way delivery to the recycler and another one-way delivery back to the manufacturer.


GEON developed a reformulation of the PVC material that improved its suitability for reuse. GEON’s unique, customer-centric approach as well as front-to-back materials expertise enabled an outside-the-box solution to an ingrained process.

GEON’s capabilities and manufacturing processes are well suited for efficient material conversion of products, including recycled material. By understanding the underlying challenges faced by this customer, GEON was not only able to offer a high-quality, reliable solution, but was also able to take advantage of internal capabilities and efficiencies to offer a more sustainable solution. As a supplier to the manufacturer, GEON is able to “close the loop” on the product life cycle and also close the loop with logistics, reducing the need for one-way delivery of materials.


Now, the customer’s scrap is sent back to GEON and processed back into the feedstock supply stream. The closed-loop system that resulted provides several advantages to the manufacturer, including:

  • All scrap PVC can be used as high-quality feedstock.
  • Feedstock quality and supply reliability are improved.
  • Efficiency is enhanced by reducing the number of empty-truck trips, both from the recycler back to the manufacturer and from the manufacturer back to GEON.
  • Fees paid to the recycler have been eliminated.


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