Driving Sustainability for Our Business, Our Customers and Our Planet


Driving Sustainability for Our Business, Our Customers and Our Planet

This week we released our 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, which highlights GEON Performance Solutions’ progress toward delivering more sustainable solutions for our customers, associates, suppliers, and the communities where we work and live. We invite you to read our 2022 ESG report to better understand our goals, how we’re advancing toward these goals, and how we’re holding ourselves accountable for results.

One theme you’ll see is how we’re integrating our ESG strategy across our business. Our strategy starts with our ambitious targets around optimizing and advancing operational excellence; collaborating and innovating across the value chain; and shaping thriving communities – both inside and outside of GEON. But our progress is fueled by our associates. The day-to-day decisions that they are making in our technical centers, on the manufacturing floor and out in our communities are helping drive positive changes across our organization and industry.

Innovating for Customers
A cornerstone of our sustainability journey is delivering solutions to help our customers do more using less resources. This past year, we fully commercialized a new product for a customer that utilizes its scrap and helps close the loop on its production process. We also developed a new renewable, natural fiber-based and lightweight material for car interiors with a multinational automobile manufacturer. Both are examples of how our associates are working alongside our customers to problem-solve and help them meet their sustainability goals.

Saving Resources
At each campus, we’re investing in more efficient operations. Already, we recycle nearly twice the amount of waste than is taken to landfill, and we continue to enhance our waste segregation methods and recycling processes. We also have allocated $2.5 million to fund energy-efficiency projects in 2022-23. However, we believe there’s no better resource than our manufacturing teams to bring forth ideas on how to reduce our energy usage. That’s why in 2022 we launched Energy crews made up of our associates on the shop floor. These crews are using their expertise and knowledge to identify energy-saving opportunities. 

Investing in Our People
This report also details the progress we’re making to help our associates and communities move forward. In 2022, we began scaling our GEON Talent Ecosystem, which is built upon six interconnected career development programs. These programs are designed to address strategic talent gaps, improve the caliber and diversity of our talent pipeline, and strengthen retention levels – all important to our business. But our unique talent ecosystem also is designed to give our associates ownership and accountability over their career growth and provide good-paying job opportunities in the communities in which we operate. For example, in 2022, we worked with a local technical high school to create a manufacturing internship for students at our Clinton, Tennessee, production site. We hope this internship program results in students continuing to grow their career and advance through our talent ecosystem at GEON. 

At GEON, we are operating with the conviction that what is good for society and the environment will also be good for our business. We also firmly believe that the responsibility for sustainability doesn’t rest in the C-suite. It is everyone’s job. We are proud to share how we are taking a comprehensive approach to sustainability that empowers our associates and brings value to our customers, our communities and our company.

To learn more, download and read our 2022 Sustainability report here.

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